Our Expertise

Our firm specialize in Real Estate in Israel for local and foreign clients.  We provide legal and notary services in English, Hebrew and Persian.


We represent Foreigners and Non-Residents in real estate transactions.  We negotiate and close deals, write contracts, with an emphasis on aggressive tax planning and Estate planning. 

We provide legal and court litigation and having extensive knowledge in dealing with trespasser’s evacuations, tenants who don’t pay their rent.

We also deal with construction assistance and property management.

This includes:

  • Lease or sale contracts (commercial and private).  Including registering and purchasing properties in the West Bank.

  • Notary services in Persian, English and Hebrew languages

  • Legal advice in real estate assets to companies, associations and charitable trusts.

  • Asset maintenance and management.

  • Mortgage and bank assistance.

  • Evacuation of tenants who breach a lease agreement.

  • Trespass evacuation.

  • Debt settlement and collection.

  • Expropriation compensation claims.

  • Impairment real estate claims. (compensation for property devaluation).

  • Specialization in obtaining succession and probate order for foreign residents owning property in Israel, including Jews residing in Iran (Persia).

  • Abandoned and neglected property treatment until it becomes an income-producing asset.


Tax planning and family Estates:

  • Family disputes (mediation and arbitration).

  • Inheritance agreement, Heirs, and family member’s agreements.

  • Regular and mutual wills.

  • Applications for "Succession" or "Probate Order".

  • Preparation of "tax planning", before or after obtaining a succession or probate order.

  • Tax planning before transferring rights to a relative (gift or inheritance).

  • Tax planning between family members.

  • Legal advice in reimbursement of tax refunds/reductions (betterment tax, purchase tax, betterment levy, property tax).

  • Tax advice prior to executing transactions (tax planning).

  • Examination of entitlement to betterment tax exemption.

  • Deferral of taxes, reducing taxes, rescheduling taxes.

  • Submission of objections and appeals against decisions of the tax authorities and municipal authorities.


Land and building permits:

  • Legal advice on Urban Planning (zoning).

  • Legal accompaniment until approval of land rezoning (such as: rezoning agricultural land to residential/commercial land).

  • Local, district and national committees appeals.

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